Fox News Braces for More Changes Amid Signs of Turmoil


Shine's name has appeared during dark times at the network, notably as an ally to former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes amid various sexual harassment lawsuits.

The tweet came in response to a Daily Intelligencerstory in NY magazine that suggested Bill Shine - the co-president of Fox News - may be losing support among the network brass and could be on his way out.

"There's also the question that Shine may simply know too much about Fox News' inner workings at a time when federal prosecutors are investigating the network", Sherman added.

Hannity also tried to get a hashtag going in support of Shine - it took a couple of tries.

"Gabe i pray this is NOT true because if it is, that's the total end of the FNC as we know it", declared Hannity on Twitter.

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New York Magazine cited a source close to Shine - who has been with Fox News since its inception - as saying he is 'expressing concern about his future at the network'. "Shine and fellow co-president Jack Abernethy were appointed by Murdoch to take over as network co-presidents after Ailes' departure". "I think the rank and file believe he will be replaced, but who knows?" this person said.

Shine took over as co-president of Fox News Channel with Jack Abernethy past year after longtime chief Roger Ailes stepped down amid claims of sexual harassment. "Best Sean." He followed up by tweeting #istandwithbill.

Sherman's report notes that Shine's inability to change the culture of sexual harassment at Fox News may be the reason behind his lack of job security. The multi-year ratings behemoth and now former Factor host was shown the door last week when reports of an estimated $13 million in sexual harassment settlements by FNC and O'Reilly himself started to escalate his situation with more women coming forward to claim inappropriate actions were directed at them.

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The purge at Fox News seems to be continuing on to an end game called an Agatha Christie-like "And Then There Were None".