Instagram adds 100 mn users in four months to hit 700 mn


Instagram isn't just growing, it's growing faster than ever.

Not letting Twitter get all the positive news today, Facebook-owned Instagram announced on its blog that it has reached a new milestone of its own.

The tech firm has been adding new features, including live video and disappearing messages.

The app has grown into one the most popular social media app worldwide and contributes significantly to Facebook's revenue.

Instagram has doubled its user base, to 700 million monthly actives in two years, fueled by Stories, web signups and better onboarding on low-end Android phones. Since Instagram launched Stories last Fall, Snapchat's user growth rate has declined, which analysts warned about when Snapchat held its high-profile initial public offering in March.

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Total ad revenue for Q1 was $474 million, down 11%, even as Twitter's total ad impressions increased 139% in Q1. Twitter's revenue trends also beat investor expectations, though in a slightly negative fashion.

Instagram claimed that around 400 million of its current users which is roughly 57% check in to its service daily and many of them do so a few times a day. Last Fall, Instagram debuted Stories, a near carbon copy of Snapchat's Stories, which had gained a huge following and threatened Instagram's grip on users. Earlier this year, it introduced, Direct, a new feature that lets users share ephemeral messages, including videos and images.

Instagram had reached the first 100 million user base in 2013 and surpassed 200 million in the next year (2014). In other words, the Instagram platform could add much more than the projected $5.2B in ad dollars to Facebook's kitty in FY 2017.

Instagram has been aggressively rolling out features to rival Snapchat, and its strategy to eclipse it is to become more like it.

In comparison, Snapchat now boasts over 160 million daily users. According to Instagram, their biggest event in growth-splosion was the multi-happening in April of 2012.