Microsoft ups it's user account security game and Wunderlist retires


Microsoft has launched a new to-do list app called Microsoft To-Do, which is available in preview today on the web, iOS, Android, and Windows 10. If these options popped open in the sidebar when creating an item it would be great since it would be right there in front of you as you created the list entry.

Today Microsoft made their new To-Do list app, code named Project Cheshire, available in public preview after several months of private testing. Now, Microsoft is integrating it with Office 365 (anyone with a Microsoft account can use it) and "an intelligent algorithm".

Also new is Intelligent Suggestions, which will collect imminent to-dos and automatically add them to your day. The tasks that you've assigned due dates to won't automatically be added to My Day when they're nearly due, but they will show up at the top of your Intelligent Suggestions alongside other tasks that To-Do believes you may want to complete today. Microsoft also plans to release To-Do for Android tablets, along with the iPad and Mac PCs, sometime in the future.

The company is asking users to provide feedback on the new feature via the Microsoft Authenticator forum, so if you do encounter any issues, make sure to let Microsoft know. Office 365 IT admins can turn on the preview from the Office 365 admin center. While the name and icon may change, the team that brought you Wunderlist continues on.

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As is the case with a growing number of Microsoft applications and services, there's no standalone version of To-Do. The app is built on Office 365, and its first integration is in Microsoft Outlook.

The Verge reports that the To-Do list application also incorporates lists with emojis in order for users to easily identify them.

Microsoft's mobile efforts with regards to its own operating system and hardware haven't exactly been doing well, although we guess admittedly it's hard to compete against juggernauts like Apple and Google with their iOS and Android platforms. Microsoft is now looking to port over a majority of the preferred features to To-Do before - grab a seat - retiring Wunderlist. Microsoft has already stated that they plan to add list sharing features soon. The app is incredibly basic at the moment, with the most rudimentary of features for a task manager, but it's still worth a download to check it out.