Donald Trump signs executive order to reform H-1B visas


For years, we watched as companies closed.

Senior officials gave few details on the implementation of the order, but Trump aides have expressed concern that most H-1B visas are awarded for lower-paid jobs at outsourcing firms, many based in India, which they say takes work away from Americans.

During the speech, Trump talked about the issues with NAFTA, problems with the H-1B visa program and issues with the government buying goods and services from outside America.

Mr Trump's wife Melania used an H-1B visa in her early days as a model in NY, says the BBC's Gary O'Donoghue in Washington.

"If we have a mechanism where you have to put your money where your mouth is then we're going to get those foreign workers who have the highest value skillset coming to the USA which is what we want", Kreutzer added.

"NAFTA has been very, very bad for our country". Why shouldn't we try and hire American workers as much as possible, and yes, buy American products as much as we can?

While the program has been criticized for allowing firms to pay workers lower wages, the Trump administration is trying to make getting an H-1B visa in the first place more hard.

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"There is an economic argument for restricting visas in order to promote American job seekers over immigrants but regardless, this move by President Trump is clearly part of his racist "America-First" ideology", said Myles Hoeing, who is running from Congress as a Green Party candidate from Maryland's seventh district. Many Trump-branded products, like clothing, are made overseas.

The executive order will stop short of the one- to two-year moratorium on new skilled worker visas that Trump called for during the campaign.

Trump also wants to toughen up the requirement that American-made goods be used in certain federal construction projects or in highway projects that are paid for with federal grants. The order also specifically asks the secretary to review waivers of these rules in free-trade agreements.

Manoyan took time off from her job as a property manager to show support for Trump, waving a blue "Make America Great Again!" flag. The Chamber of Commerce added that it would be a "mistake to close the door on high-skilled workers" who can contribute to the growth and expansion of American businesses and make the US more competitive around the world.

Trump will officially sign the executive orders in Wisconsin, a state he crucially won in November's presidential election.

Thomas Gibson, chief executive of lobby group the American Iron and Steel Institute, said in a statement that "Buy American" provisions "are vital to the health of the domestic steel industry, and have helped create manufacturing jobs and build American infrastructure".