IPhone 8 May Ditch Touch ID


The Apple iPhone will soon complete its 10th anniversary, a decade after Steve Jobs held up the original iPhone in San Francisco crowd. Apple is also aiming to reduce the overall size of the handset by integrating the home button into the screen itself via software in a similar manner to Samsung's S8, the people said.

The biggest thing that stands out to those viewing the schematics online is the repositioning of the Touch ID sensor which has been moved to the back of the handset.

The report stated that the glass sandwich design has cleared Apple's engineering verification testing and may get implemented in the impending iPhone 8.

Geskin says that the frame will be just 4mm thick, and his images also show plans for a vertical camera.

Over the past one year, we have come across various rumors and tips regarding the possible specifications of the upcoming iPhone 8 smartphone. This contradicts a schematic and render we recently reported on, which showed a Touch ID sensor embedded into the glass display.

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However, the report cites "supply constraints" as causing potential delays that could mean the overhauled iPhone won't arrive until a couple of months later than usual. The double-lens camera on the upcoming redesigned iPhone will be oriented vertically, instead of horizontally as on the iPhone 7 Plus.

While Apple is now working with manufacturing partners in Asia to create several prototypes of the newly redesigned phone - meaning that descriptions could change before the estimated fall debut - sources provided Bloomberg with an idea of what the device will be.

Bloomberg said Apple declined to comment. The iPhone 8 could feature dual Sony cameras on the front and back, making way for AR-based features and depth-of-field enhancements.

Meanwhile, in another new report out today, Japanese blog Macotakara says the new iPhone 8 will echo the design of the iPhone 4 with a stainless steel band wrapping around the middle of the phone that will have a glass front and back.

Apple will allegedly release direct successors to the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus (perhaps 7s and 7s Plus?) with updated specs. The said report is more like of guesses, aside from the basic information on Apple's redesigning for "iPhone". It's said that Apple is testing a phone with a screen that takes up nearly all of the front of the device and has slightly curved glass on its front and back.