Google Earth Relaunched with New Storytelling Features and Chrome Support


First up, Google Earth is now available on the Web, and you won't require a standalone app to use it. It makes the experience of using the app more immersive, and quite interesting.

However, the Google Earth team did launch a new virtual reality version of the planet-visualising software on the Steam Store previous year, so it would not be surprising if the new app shipped with some VR component. The VR app also has 27 new locations and a new search feature.

Four days ahead of Earth Day, Google has unveiled the revamped version of Google Earth, and it brings a lot of cool new features to the table, such as improved 3D capabilities and professional guided tours.

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Changing the user agent does not help right now to get the new Google Earth to work in other browsers. More adventures will be added to Voyager on a weekly basis. However as noted by AppleInsider, the location sharing feature with Google Maps is not dynamically updated so that's something you might want to take note of. For instance, you can tour the Tanzanian Gombe National Park, led by primate expert Jane Goodall.

Google Earth's rebuild has been two years in the making and comes with a bevy of new features. Initially, Google has partnered with BBC and Sesame Street but the company says it will continue to add more partners in the near future.

Google has today launched a re-imagined version of its free Earth mapping service, weaving in storytelling and artificial intelligence. This simple iMessage app will show you your current location on Google Maps and let you send it to your iMessage chat mates, all without leaving iMessage. Once you've been transported to one of over 20,000 locations you can open "Knowledge Cards" to learn history and facts of the location. If you come across your favorite landmark, then you can share it as a virtual postcard with your friends. That would give Google Earth a more practical position in Google's lineup of products - potentially tying it into other travel-related products, like its personalized travel planner, Google Trips, its online trip planning feature on the web, Google Destinations, or its airfare booking tool, Google Flights. The left-side menu on the Web also has options for sharing and highlighting, both of which are self-explanatory.