YO Surfer Dies After Being Attacked By Shark Off WA Coast


The girl, whose identity has not been made public, was with her parents and two sisters in the popular surfing area of Wylie Bay, near the town of Esperance.

A teen girl died Monday afternoon following a shark attack while surfing with her father in Western Australia.

She was then taken to Esperance Hospital in a critical condition, where she died.

A teenage girl died after being attacked by a shark in Australia.


It said her mother had been watching from the shore and called emergency services. She was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

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According to data from the Shark Research Institute, this is the eighth shark attack in Australian waters this year, and the first fatality.

In 2014, surfer Sean Pollard lost his right hand and his left arm above the elbow in a shark attack at the same break.

Wylie Bay Beach was closed until further notice, with police telling people to stay out of the area for the next 48 hours or more.

Sharksmart, a website which tracks shark activity in Western Australia, reported two shark sightings for the area around Esperance in the days preceding the attack, according to The West Australian.

June 4, 2016: Ben Gerring, 29, was killed after having his leg severed by a great white shark at Falcon Beach, in Mandurah.