ICE Arrests of Undocumented Immigrants Without Criminal Records Have Doubled Under Trump


From January to mid-March, the number of arrests was at 21,362, in sharp contrast to that same time period a year ago, where the number was 16,104.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has doubled the number of arrests for undocumented immigrants without criminal records, and immigration arrests have risen by 32.6 percent under the Trump administration. 5,441 of those arrests came from undocumented immigrants without criminal records, according to data requested by the Washington Post.

It is also worth noting that Trump's number of undocumented immigrant arrests is paltry compared to that attained by President Barack Obama in 2014, when 29,238 undocumented immigrants were rounded up.

Philadelphia had the biggest percentage increase, with 356 non-criminal arrests, more than six times as many as the year before, the Washington Post report said. According to one report last month, an immigration official told CNN that the agency was purposefully targeting areas with "sanctuary city" policies.

The ICE field offices with the largest total number of arrests - more than 2,000 each - were in Dallas, which covers north Texas and Oklahoma; Atlanta, which includes Georgia and the Carolinas; and Houston, which spans Southeast Texas. Less than a week after Trump's inauguration, the president signaled a dramatic expansion of the country's detention and deportation complex by signing an executive order that basically instructed ICE to detain all people suspected of violating immigration laws.

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ICE "focuses its enforcement resources on individuals who pose a threat to national security, public safety and border security", spokeswoman Jennifer Elzea said in a statement.

While Kelly said on Sunday's "Meet the Press" that just being in the U.S. "illegally doesn't necessarily get you targeted, it's got to be something else", ICE has said that individuals encountered in the course of targeted arrests of people prioritized for removal can also be arrested and subject to deportation. In the first three months of the Trump administration, 54,741 immigrants have been deported, a 1.2 percent drop compared to the same period previous year.

On the campaign trail, Trump said anyone in the United States illegally could be deported.

Joanne Lin, senior legislative counsel with the ACLU told the Post, "I think the instruction is, "Go about your business" in terms of apprehending immigrants.It's wherever they can find them".