NCAA Passes New Early Signing Period


Additionally, the same council made dramatic rule changes to recruiting and coaching staff, which include an early recruiting signing and period and addition of a 10th assistant coach, saying they've made the "recruiting environment more transparent and better tied to high schools" and "current student-athletes also will have increased access to coaches". Let's break down the biggest changes. "But I would be remiss if I didn't say we're going to continue to take a very close look at early signing dates".

Teams will be allowed to practice up to a week earlier than before to get those same amount of reps in. In some cases, it will create more clarity, with the elimination of some of the last-minute efforts to flip recruits before signing day. "Those young people need to have an option available to them to terminate the recruitment process earlier than December".

Arguments against: The mid-December date could cause chaos in the coaching carousel.

Any school looking to hire a high school coach for an off-field role would face a penalty if it had recruited a player from that school in the last two years and wouldn't be able to recruit any player from that high school for the next two years. Coaches are going to be getting fired just a couple weeks before the first signing period. It would face a situation in which talented, smart players want to sign early and take advantage of strong academics and be a part of the burgeoning football program, but could not allow them to sign because they are still far from clearing admissions. Nebraska is expected to promote graduate assistant Tavita Thompson, who coaches tight ends, to a full-time assistant.

Other rule changes in the package include limiting FBC coaches to 10 days of participation in camps during June and July, and only at facilities regularly used by the school for practice and play, allowing coaches to have recruiting conversations with prospects at such camps and prohibiting prospects from taking official visits in conjunction with their participation at those camps. That's a change from the current rule, which doesn't permit official visits until September 1 of the recruit's senior year.

Proposal 2016-116 changes around some rules regarding official visits, allowing prospects to take school-paid visits starting April 1 of their junior year through the Sunday before the last Wednesday in June. Staffs have featured coaches for the nine team positions but an additional person on staff could help with recruiting or analysis. This levels the playing field a bit for schools that are more hard and expensive to get to.

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Satellite camps: FBS coaches are limited to 10 days of attending or coaching summer camps.

- It allows Football Bowl Subdivision schools to hire a 10th assistant coach (effective January 9, 2018). This adds an extra position, beginning after the 2017 season.

Whatever would have happened to Parks, at least he would have known more. However, some schools wanted to delay the change for budgetary reasons.

"This is a significant move forward for football recruiting", said Bob Bowlsby, the Big 12 Conference commissioner who serves as the Football Oversight Committee chair. But the coaches balked at the summer proposal.

"For a mid-major school, it's a win all the way around".