Watch Finn Balor suffer a concussion at the hands of Jinder Mahal


- As seen on Tuesday night's SmackDown, NFL player Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots was ringside for Mojo Rawley vs. Jinder Mahal and once again helped his buddy Mojo take care of Jinder.

WWE's SmackDown Live was in Boston Tuesday night, and the 27-year-old made another appearance at a WWE event. Mahal threw a drink at Gronkowski during his match to ignite the initial altercation.

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As the videos below show, Mahal got too close to Gronk. One might think that the score had been settled at WrestleMania, with the initial confrontation followed by Gronk's payback leading to Rawley's win. It's Gronk. He could drop by your place tonight if you say you have some beer in the fridge.

It may just be spring, but the summer of Gronk is officially underway. After Mahal threw Gronkowski's own drink at him, Gronk went over the railing and entered the ring, where he delivered a brutal hit on Mahal. He then proceeded to gain revenge for Mahal's earlier move, throwing his beer in the wrestler's face.