NVIDIA's Titan Xp is the new king of graphics cards


The more consumer-oriented 1080 Ti also has 1GB less RAM, but it uses the same newer and faster memory chips found on the new Titan Xp. The 3,840 CUDA cores play an instrumental role in such potential of the Titan Xp.

In total, the new Titan Xp's performance is rated at 12 teraflops compared to 11 teraflops for last year's Titan X. That's a nice, solid boost in overall power. 2016's NVIDIA Titan X is also listed at $1200, but is out of stock for some weird reason... hmm.

On April 6, graphics specialist NVIDIA (NASDAQ: NVDA) announced yet another brand-new graphics card targeted at gaming enthusiasts, known as the Titan Xp. Its name, sadly, seems destined to confuse: its immediate predecessor, the Titan X with Pascal Architecture, is commonly though unofficially known as the Titan XP or Titan Xp to differentiate its architecture from the earlier Titan X with Maxwell Architecture.

You might be wondering what's going on at Nvidia with all these new releases. Nvidia is promising the drivers this month.

The graphics card will no doubt provide game developers with more leeway to go for more eye-catching graphics in their game offerings, as well as more complexities.

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Nvidia has unveiled a new top-end Titan Xp GPU, that succeeds the 2016 Titan X as the firm's "most powerful GPU ever".

This means it has the "full" complement of 3840 CUDA cores, and its RAM has also been boosted to give a bandwidth of nearly 550GB/s compared to 480GB/s for the Titan X and 484GB/s for the GTX 1080 Ti.

The other interesting tidbit to come out of this announcement is that Nvidia is promising a new driver set, due later this month, that will add full Mac support for the entire Pascal product lines.

How NVIDIA GeForce TITAN XP Completely Outperformed Xbox Scorpio? It is therefore unlikely that Nvidia is targeting current users of official Apple hardware. The Titan Xp has much to offer.