David Letterman replaces Neil Young at Rock Hall show


The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announced yesterday David Letterman will be stepping up to replace Young at Friday's ceremony.

Stay tuned for the broadcast of the 2017 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony, which will debut on HBO at 8PM ET on April 29. He is the reason many people fell in love with Pearl Jam (and will continue to do so, despite most millennials' aversion to guitars). I want to publicly apologize for making my bandmates suffer for the singer who was climbing on the rafters and hanging off of pipes. They really didn't deserve that. "Any singer would give his ass for that s-!" I have a lot of love for him and we made some timeless music together. Below, see a clip of the Pearl Jam superjam, and read full speeches from the whole night over at Rolling Stone. Vedder did a massive staged dive from a camera mast into the crowd during a wild performance of the song "Porch". The members themselves then each spoke, with Vedder closing out, before they launched into an impassioned performance of "Alive", "Given to Fly" and "Better Man", with Ten-era drummer Dave Krusen behind the kit for the first tune. In the documentary, Vedder said he was always looking to take things to the next level, even if it meant risking his life. (Prediction: Within the next 25 years Eddie Vedder, will become America's unchallenged troubadour king.) Even though Vedder's knee-buckling baritone has been parodied (and copied by many lesser lead vocalists), it remains deeply affecting, especially live, mainly because it's hard to believe such a godly voice can come out of such a tiny, handsome man. I have high regard for him.

"This was so long time coming, I thought it would never happen", said Schon, who spoke first for the band. "This is about all you guys - especially Journey fans tonight". "This award is fantastic to me because of all the people who have allowed me to join their lives and their bands". "I'm looking forward to all our lovely days on ground together".

Zuma again survives impeachment as ruling party stands by him
"The Presidency respects the right of South Africans to protest peacefully as enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic". A nationwide protest is planned for Friday amid increasing calls for the president to step down.

"We can not be the generation that history will look back upon and wonder, why didn't they do everything humanly possible to solve this biggest crisis of our time?" said the outspoken singer. "They can't take this away from you, homey", Snoop Dogg said as he hoisted the Hall of Fame trophy toward the sky. Pearl Jam fans may recall Eddie's apathetic reaction to winning a Grammy Award in 1996. I was nearly 50 and even I was pissed off and it was also easy to dance to but that's another deal. I think we have a picture of my son, Harry.

Legendary Seattle band Pearl Jam will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Friday.

Later in the night, Eddie Vedder payed tribute to Michael J. Fox who was watching in the audience saying, "It's an honour to play for you tonight".