Steve Bannon Throws His Worst Insult at Jared Kushner


He actually said 'cuck, ' as in "cuckservative, '" the administration official told The Daily Beast.

The information about Kushner's meetings also come after former Trump campaign head Paul Manafort was revealed to have worked for Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska, reportedly pitching Deripaska on a plan to "greatly benefit the Putin government", according to CNN. It's weird that these guys landed jobs in the White House only to be shoved towards the door virtually from day one. Cohn and Powell are close to Kushner and Ivanka Trump, pitting Kushner against Bannon. Recently, Bannon was removed from hisNational Security Council post by President Trump. Bannon is enduring a "bad time" partly due to low polling numbers for Trump and the growing influence of President Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka and son-in law Jared Kushner, a source close to Bannon told NBC News' Katy Tur on Friday.

"She interned for Warby Parker last summer and she is interested in fashion but she is carefully choosing her next move and doesn't appear to be rushing in any particular direction", the source says.

The sources said Bannon and Kushner have been engaged in a consistent battle in which they get into "face to face" confrontations, the Daily Beast reported. Instead, he now belongs to a different club - one comprised of White House aides who have been the subjects of anonymously-sourced media reports about diminished standing.

But Bannon continues to have powerful allies of his own.

Twitter challenges US order for anti-Trump user records
Twitter says the administration demanded they release private information about the account a month ago. Code SS 1509 - doesn't apply, as it deals with the importing and exporting of merchandise.

"The factions are real, and the tensions are real", the former official said. After landing in Mar-a-Lago Thursday, Trump huddled for a lengthy briefing from his top national security officials in a secure facility installed at the resort, going over options with Defense Secretary James Mattis, McMaster, and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

White House officials talked up Kushner's expanding role to The Hill this week, casting him as the president's go-to problem solver. NY magazine's Gabriel Sherman, citing "a longtime Trump adviser", reported that the president had called Spicer's media-bashing debut in the briefing room "terrible". Health care was "100 percent Gary", one person close to Bannon said.

Kushner's failure to disclose these meetings with Russian officials was the third time a Trump administration official had not disclosed details about meetings and conversations with Russians.

The Hollywood Reporter said Fox followed up the tape with a brief discussion about why Trump's behavior was inappropriate. And, as they say, in Washington D.C. positioning is everything.