New Jersey will stop making Amtrak payments following two derailments


In a pair of letters Wednesday, Christie said that the recent derailments at New York Penn Station indicated that Amtrak, which is responsible for the Northeast Corridor's tracks and equipment, "does not take its obligations seriously". "I can say that we expect to have full service restored here at Penn Station by tomorrow morning".

"It's our job to make sure that commuters and intercity passengers can safely and reliably travel along the Northeast Corridor and we know we let them down with these recent derailments. Our customers and partners deserve better". About 1,200 passengers were on the train at the time. Five people were treated for minor injuries. The aftermath has been days of delays, overcrowding and cancellations. He says workers are finishing repairs that followed two derailments within two weeks.

Moorman apologized to NJ Transit riders for the recent derailments, which he said were caused by issues with Amtrak's tracks. Inspections have also been launched to check all of the infrastructure around Penn Station.

Speaking to reporters at Penn Station, Wick Moorman said Monday's derailment of an inbound New Jersey Transit train occurred when the train passed over wooden cross ties that had been weakened, causing the track to separate and forcing the train's wheels off the rail. Christie also says he's told New Jersey's Attorney General to consider legal action to recover the $62 million that NJ Transit has paid to Amtrak as part of their agreement for use of the tracks.

Amtrak says problems with its tracks were the cause of both this week's derailment and last month's derailment of an Acela Express train.

In 2015, the federal government agreed to a 50-50 split of the cost with the states of New Jersey and NY and the project is now in the permitting phase.

While the signals and tracks in Penn Station aren't as old as the station's tunnel, which was built in the early 1900s, or the Baltimore & Potomac Tunnel, built in Maryland eight years after Robert E. Lee surrendered at Appomattox, they support a facility that strains to accommodate roughly the equivalent of the population of the city of Miami passing through each day.

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Amtrak explains crews at work after the derailment at Penn Station: "The truck in the back is a truck vacuum sucking out ballast so ties can be removed and replaced, other trackmen are working on replacing damaged rail and switch components". Cross-honoring will still be in effect.

A holiday schedule with some extra trains scheduled to help with crowds continued on Thursday.

A spokesman for the Long Island Rail Road says the transit agency has not yet determined its service plans for Friday. Plans for Friday's commute have not been announced.

Amtrak for Thursday warned of modified service and delays for its Northeast Regional line operating between Washington and NY.

"As a tenant, New Jersey Transit will take all measures to hold Amtrak accountable", said Santoro.

Customers are urged to check for train service alerts.

Commuters board a ferry bound for Lower Manhattan in Hoboken, N.J., Tuesday.