Things that have happened while we've waited for April to give birth


They've also recently said the animal is showing little interest in food and having light discharge.

April's vet says all the clinical signs that the giraffe would give birth at any time remained Sunday night.

Sarah Roffe, giraffe team manager at Chester Zoo, said: 'Although it might be quite a drop, and they may fall to the ground with a bit of a thud, it's how giraffe calves arrive into the world and it stimulates them into taking their first breaths'.

Giraffes can defend themselves from scary predators like lions with their strong-hooved feet, but it doesn't seem like April's baby will ever find herself in this situation.

The father's name is Oliver.

So, we've compiled a few baby giraffe facts that will help you get to know the young calf as it grows.

According to Animal Adventure Park's Thursday morning update, April's belly had shown additional changes. She was very "with it" but then became very distracted and as Corey put it, "would have walked right through me".

And she offered this hint: she's been watching April on YouTube and as of dinnertime tonight, she didn't think a birth would happen before bedtime.

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Keepers at the Animal Adventure Park said in a Facebook post Friday they expected April to give birth soon and they would be "shocked" if she went through the weekend without giving birth.

So the timeline for my 24-48 hour prediction is rapidly coming to an end. not surprising is the fact that we still have no calf and we still don't have a giraffe in Labor!

However, the vet says he's not concerned by the fact that April has not yet given birth, and he says viewers shouldn't be anxious either.

The videos were initially cut short as people flagged them as "sexually explicit".

In videos posted on the park's Facebook page this week, Patch has said that he's been busy tending to his 200-plus other animals and that the flood of emails has become "so overbearing" that he's asking people to stop sending them. April will raise her calf naturally, and weaning could take between 6-10 months, maybe longer.

This will be Animal Adventure Park's first giraffe calf.

The zoo plans to hold an online naming competition for the baby after it's born.