Senator Buckingham Statement on Senate Bill 3


Morgan, who previously floated the possibility of a lawsuit or second initiated measure over the Legislature's proposed changes to the law, said medical marijuana supporters can live with the House's version of the bill "for now".

The rewrite of North Dakota's new medical marijuana law took another step toward passage Monday, April 3, as the House Human Services Committee approved changes to Senate Bill 2344. A conference committee will get together to iron out the differences between the House and Senate versions of the bill. The amendment appears to be substantially similar to a bill (SB 1472) filed Sen.

Shott, who had initially been opposed to the medical marijuana bill, said there was sound scientific evidence that the drug has legitimate medical uses and can help West Virginians who are in pain.

Other things on tap Wednesday include a 10 a.m. Senate confirmation hearing for Commerce Secretary Tony Copeland; Sen.

The Indiana Senate has passed its version of the long-term road funding plan which continues to be a major focus of the legislative session.

The Health Policy Committee approved a series of amendments Monday, including a proposal that would add five more businesses that could get licenses by October 3.

The Senate Health Policy Committee is scheduled to discuss and vote on a bill (SB 406), sponsored by Sen.

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Opponents of the bill argued that it was opening the door to the full legalization of marijuana for recreational use, and said the 28 states that have legalized medical marijuana are in violation of federal law.

The House bill would also limit the number of growers in the state, resulting in far fewer growers.

In a session where roughly $1.1 billion in state funding for higher education special items could be eliminated in the Senate draft budget, universities could be without a reliable base of funding from both the state and their own students. Medicines from marijuana would have to be in the form of patches, pills or potions.

He amended the bill to create a new $30 million state grants program that will be available to students who attend schools that reduce their tuition by five percent.

"Currently, a "permanent" protective order in Texas lasts up to two years", Hinojosa said. Hours before the Senate voted on Senate Bill 19, the members of the Texas Coalition for Excellence in Higher Education spoke out about the situation for the first time in the group's six-year history. "We are under that jurisdiction", said Fast, R-Fayette.

Also speaking against the bill before the vote, Delegate Tom Fast, R-Fayette, said he believes West Virginia should wait for the FDA and the DEA to decide. "They are going to do just fine".