How To Watch WWE WrestleMania 33 Online For Free


As I sit writing this on a bus in rainy Scotland I certainly wish I could be in Orlando experiencing the whole week. This uncovers quite a few exciting possibilities for the future. I want to believe, and I have no reason not to believe, that it's going to feel good.

He is now tied with Shawn Michaels and Big Show for the most with 11.

Roman Reigns defeated the Undertaker in the WrestleMania 33 main event, leading to the Dead Man signing off for potentially the last time.

There are a lot of uncertainties going into this year's event.

"I think it's really an outstanding card, because it's got something for everybody, seemingly". If he's in the condition to do his normal stuff, and can be out there for a decent amount of time I'm sure they will have a fantastic match. Almost, all of the fans expected Roman Reigns to come out victorious, clean and it did happen, in reality.

It's finally the day wrestling fans have always been waiting for: WrestleMania Sunday.

The champion has retained the first seven times there has been a four-way at Mania, but I look for Banks to turn back to her villainous ways and win the title. Shane and Daniel Bryan then announced a number one contenders match, which AJ Styles won.

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It may not have been received well with many short matches taking him all of the way to one of the main events at WrestleMania.

Reigns may not have held a world title for nearly 10 months, but he remains one of the central characters in the company's narrative. But it's far more important for Reigns.

-Cole starts us off as we pick up right where RAW ended with Balor and Rollins celebrating in the ring.

It's hard to make any predictions for WWE in the near future, considering several wrestlers could be swapped on "Monday Night Raw" and "SmackDown". Lesnar will hand Goldberg his first WWE PPV loss. Meanwhile, Smackdown, while having some fantastic members of their roster, probably have less depth. Sometimes less is better, especially in WWE, where certain wrestlers' WrestleMania entrances are often longer than the average midcard match. "I mean, I was one-and-done".

Reflecting upon his comeback in October, the former Universal Champion explained that his focus is now 100% on his family. Plus I think as a team they'd work excellently with American Alpha, who we've seen them work with before, and the Uso's. Not only do I expect his match with Seth Rollins to be a drawn out affair. Rollins has had in many minds a small struggle with coming to terms with his fan favourite character after playing such an effective villain. So what's the hold-up for getting him back on television? I will do the same for you. This build has felt real, it's felt gritty and it has felt aggressive. "The WWE has been embracing women's wrestling more than they ever have in the past".

For my full predictions, you can go to the official InsidePulse prediction article. The crowd then starts to What and that pisses Goldberg off as he says he isn't reading from a script, but speaking from his heart so he would appreciate if people would listen. And we are here to bring you all the action with live updates from the show throughout the night.