Eldense coach arrested after 12-0 defeat, say Spanish police


"At the very least, we must investigate it because there are certain links to an Italian group that has the look of what may be indications of a worldwide betting ring when it comes to fixing matches", said president of the Spanish league Javier Tebas.

The coach of third division Spanish side Eldense was arrested by police investigating suspicions of match-fixing after his side's 12-0 defeat to Barcelona's B team on Saturday.

Authorities detained him after interrogating some Eldense players following a complaint made by the club's president.

The embarrassing loss - which saw them relegated - saw Eldense announce the cancellation of their season with six games still to play. Extremadura thrashed Portuense in 1993.

Di Pierro joined the club in January after being hired by the unnamed Italian investment group which managed Eldense's sporting and financial affairs until Sunday.

The final whistle had barely blown when one of the Eldense players, Cheikh Saad publicly denounced that some of his companions had deliberately thrown the game, although he also insisted that Barcelona had not been behind the scandal.

"In the end, everything will be revealed", said Saad, adding that he refused to play and stayed on the bench.

"In principle the orders came from above, from the coach".

"In the dressing room, I nearly came to blows with some of them, there were four implicated in it".

"I don't care. When they let me say the names I will say them but I'm not going to go from ground to ground with people laughing at me when I always do my best on the pitch."

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"The police have all the information they need and I hope there is an exemplary sanction against them".

"This is not just because of Saturday, it was the last straw, but it's a lot of things", he said.

"As we sat on the bench and we saw the score of 5-0 after 15 minutes, we realised that something unusual was going on", the 26-year-old said. The coach knew something, I'm sure, and the players too. I knew something was going on. He said he was told players would be paid 30,000 euros ($31,965.00) each for fixing the game.

But reports have emerged that suggest that the game may have been fixed.

Meanwhile David Aguillar, the President of the Eldense temporary Board of Directors confirmed that something illegal had taken place.

"In that recording, it stated that there would be eight goals at half-time and then the result in the second half. Apparently, it has not been the first game this season where that has happened".

So, there's that. An Italian investment group involved with Eldense could possibly be involved in match-fixing. The club competes in Segunda Division B, the third tier of Spanish soccer.

"We have to get to the end of this". "We'll figure out a lot of things, but I can not blame anyone without proof and without the players saying more publicly".

He arrived in Spain two years ago following his associate, Ercole di Nicola, an ex-player and former executive who was arrested in Italy for match-fixing.

"There have been very unusual things going on".