China, Cherry Coke, and the Oracle of Omaha


It turns out that the Oracle is quite popular in China and could help the brand's image.

Cherry Coke, which has been available in the USA since 1985, was launched in China on March 10 and Buffett's likeness will appear on special edition cans during a promotional period and while supplies last, the company said. Buffet's investment firm Berkshire Hathaway is the soda company's biggest shareholder, with a stake worth of $17 billion. The flavour launched in the Chinese market on 10 March.

And like in the U.S., Buffett is seen as "a non-corrupt, down-to-earth" kind of person in China, another selling point, Rein said. "I was in the right place at the right time as the Chinese looked around for famous investors", Buffett told Yahoo Finance.

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"People like Jack Ma and Warren Buffett have cult status due to their success", said Carter Chow, China CEO of marketing agency J Walter Thompson. Jack Ma is the billionaire founder of e-commerce giant Alibaba.

"We honestly were surprised when Mr. Buffett agreed to the idea", said Shelly Lin, Coca-Cola China's Marketing Director for Trademark Coca-Cola. The special edition Buffett cans will remain on shelves for a limited time.

Buffett is also an admirer of the economic prowess of China. More and more Chinese investors come to Omaha for Berkshire's annual meeting. In opening remarks, Buffett said he was delighted to have people around the world joining, but noted the meeting was being simultaneously translated into just one language: Mandarin.