Xbox One's new dashboard arrives today, here's what's included


The Xbox One received a big update today, and it contains a wealth of new features for Microsoft's console. These new features will be rolling out in waves, which means you could be waiting for a bit, or you could have an update waiting for you right now!

Microsoft definitely had multitasking in mind when putting together the new Xbox One update, adding: "In addition to adding a new start page to Guide, we're also evolving the way gamers multitask on Xbox One". It also prompts for screenshot and video clip capture without the need for a double press. A new achievement tracker will be active based on the game being played and allows users to select and follow multiple achievements in an overlay, all while playing a game. Guide will be easier to access, and can be opened as an overlay on the left hand side of the screen.

As for the general UI, it's been simplified so as to increase performance while at the same time offering more options to "dive deeper into the community" for any game you are actively viewing. This is a big release, and includes Beam streaming, an updated Xbox experience with the new Guide, home improvements, and much more.

As with all of the features introduced today, Windows 10 gamers will receive the Beam within the new Xbox app coming with the Creators Update, due out on April 11.

An updated look at Home: One of the first things you'll notice with this update is a new look for Home on Xbox One.

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Finally, Microsoft is enabling parents to gain more control over screen time with new settings that can limit it, while there are also new accessibility options.

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And starting today, it's apparently complete and is available to anyone with an Xbox One console.

The most notable is the Co-pilot feature that enables cooperative play using the same controller. The Copilot feature allows two controllers to act as if they are one, allowing one player to aid another player during gameplay.

The Xbox One's Blu-ray player now supports bitstream passthrough, which allows your receiver to decode audio natively.