Nintendo to stick with Super Mario Run payment formula?


Apparently, it is not the first time players were swayed to play Super Mario Run more frequently along with tons of freebies.

That model involves the first few levels of Super Mario Run being playable for free with the remaining levels being locked behind a $9.99 paywall.

"Super Mario Run" was released for iOS gadgets in December 2016. A $10 app purchase will unlock all the levels of the game. It'll stay to be perceived how the most recent update will pack only after it is released, however, Nintendo is without a doubt expecting to grab the attention of millions of users across the world to download the game. Meanwhile, this is not only the way of celebrating the launch of Super Mario Run to the Android devices but to encourage all players including those on iOS to play the game more regularly.

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According to Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima, Super Mario Run's revenue "did not meet" the company's expectations. Surprisingly or not, the game was a huge hit and it gathered nearly 78 million downloads, last time Nintendo checked. In Mario's case, not many people apparently ended up playing the game; in Fire Emblem's case, Nintendo is devaluing its own characters by essentially tying them into a monetary gamble.

Speaking to business publication Nikkei, Kimishima and several other Nintendo officials revealed that while Super Mario Run had proved to be profitable for the company it didn't hit the sales targets that Nintendo had set.

Super Mario Run's online requirements also hurt it. Users had to be connected to the internet in order to play. Unfortunately, today's news muddies the waters regarding that game's payment strategy, since it's now unclear whether it will lean towards Fire Emblem Heroes' freemium model, as Moriyasu said, or be part of Nintendo's preference for a pay-once option.