'Clear Knee Mom Jeans' baffle online Nordstrom shoppers


The trousers, by Topshop, feature plastic panels that act as windows at the knees of the high-waisted jeans, which are being sold on Nordstrom.com for $95.

The "Clear Knee Mom Jeans" (RRP $134.07) feature slick plastic panels over the knees for "a futuristic feel", because apparently the future comes with a denim shortage, and this was the only solution that didn't start an intergalactic war. So long stains! I love these jeans! Still not convinced? These jeans have been getting five star reviews across the board.

Well, Nordstrom has the product for you!

They're also cropped below the knee and fit high on the waist, making them so-called "mom jeans".

"A couple years ago when I first started momming I bought the clear elbows mom shirt, and was wondering when they would introduce the trousers!" These jeans which will cost 49 of your English pounds (95 of your American dollars) for a pair of jeans with at least a third of the material missing. "I think on some level they're trying for a practical version of the artfully ripped jeans that people have been wearing", says branding expert and trends analyst Rachel Weingarten, president of Interrobang marketing.

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The label's sales also jumped 148 percent at Macys.com and 29.5 percent at Bloomingdales.com, which is owned by Macy's . Slice Intelligence also said that " Nordstrom's Ivanka Trump sales fell 56 percent in February".

Confused shoppers, take note of Topshop's directions: "Wear them folded at the cuffs to keep them looking cool".

The unique denim styles are definitely different.

Have you ever wanted a pair of jeans that show off your kneecaps?

Why not? "They look like plastic couch covers from the 70s and remind me of the bum jeans that came out a few decades ago", responds Weingarten, who suspects "they'll either become a punch line on nighttime TV or they'll catch on with admirers of Miley Cyrus and her style ethos". Haha yes you could fix them for me!