So different! The new Starbucks cups are totally unrecognizable


In a first-ever move for the brand, Starbucks is releasing.

The introduction of the new Starbucks seasonal cups for spring will be the first time that the coffee chain has ever put out cups for the season.

This is hardly Starbucks first run of seasonally themed cups.

And seriously these cups are simply perfection.

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The spring cup colors will vary by drink size and feature a sun, umbrella, rabbit, and cartoon faces among the various designs. Starbucks is hoping to encourage customers to draw something in the dots that inspires them. The Seattle-based company isn't trying to stir the pot on the holiday debate that comes when it changes its cups.

The cups will be available beginning March 16 - and they'll only stick around for a limited time, so be as quick as a bunny!

They're a complete 180 from the usual Starbucks cups. In the past, it has offered cups for the fall and summer, but never for the spring.

In 2015, the coffee giant's holiday cup design, a simple red backdrop that eschewed the more classic snowman and reindeer motifs, led many to think that Starbuck's was making some sort of statement about Christmas.