Another View: New travel ban just as arbitrary, senseless


But the family doesn't have dates for the interviews yet and Trump's new travel ban goes into effect March 16, stirring fears that the process could halt again before visas are issued, according to the Syrian man's attorneys.

Trump issued an executive order in January banning travelers from seven predominantly Muslim countries, including Syria, from entering the United States.

The ruling doesn't cover the entire ban, just the one family - however, it does potentially give other refugees in similar positions a place to start a legal challenge of their own.

In a letter on Saturday, the 134 experts said the revised order would "jeopardize our relationships with allies and partners on whom we rely for vital counter-terrorism cooperation and information-sharing".

A Syrian refugee trying to bring his family to Wisconsin is renewing his challenge of President Donald Trump's travel ban in federal court. Hawaii filed a lawsuit challenging the new ban Wednesday; other states with Democratic attorneys general plan to sue next week.

The courts need to hear "that there's a state where ethnic diversity is the norm, where people are welcomed with aloha and respect", Chin said.

But Conway was confident the president's new version of the executive order would "pass legal muster".

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A federal judge in Madison on Friday blocked President Donald Trump's revised immigration order from applying to the case of a Syrian asylum recipient and his family.

The new order also drops Iraq from the targeted list of countries whose citizens are barred from traveling to the United States, not because the administration suddenly deemed them a diminished threat but because alienating Iraq was a grievous diplomatic and military blunder.

Washington state won an initial effort to block Trump's first travel ban and is asking a judge to block the revised ban.

Ferguson said earlier this week the revised travel ban has "the same illegal motivations as the original".

White House spokesman Sean Spicer said the administration believes the revised travel ban will stand up to legal scrutiny.

In a statement, Mr. Herring said the new order "still sends a terrible message to the world, to Muslim-Americans and to minority communities across the country without any demonstrable benefit to national security". "Further, the order's drastic reduction in the number of refugees to be resettled in this fiscal year after the 120-day moratorium weakens this country's ability to provide global leadership and jeopardizes our national security interests by failing to support the stability of our allies that are struggling to host large numbers of refugees", the letter reads.

Hawaii Attorney General Douglas Chin speaks at a news conference Thursday, March 9, 2107, in Honolulu. The executive order, which goes into effect March 16, bars new visas for people from six predominantly Muslim countries and temporarily shuts down the US refugee program.