'Dreamer' Arrested After Press Conference Set for Release From Detention


"We are pleased to report that ICE officers disclosed this morning that Daniela Vargas will be released under an Order of Supervision", lawyers said. It just means she will no longer be in a detention center.

"Until that's granted, I'm not going to feel secure about her release", Peterson said. Dick Durbin of IL, a Democrat, said of Vargas's detention.

Vargas was brought to the USA by her family from their native Argentina when she was just 7, Peterson previously told BuzzFeed News.

Before being detained, Vargas criticized the policies of ICE while sharing the story of her own family.

Vargas, back center, at the March 1 news conference.

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ICE arrested 22-year-old Vargas in Jackson, Miss., on March 1, shortly after she left a news conference where she had discussed the arrest of her brother and father by ICE and the fear in the immigrant community over the stepped-up immigration enforcement ordered by President Donald Trump. But she said while Vargas has been released "we know that Daniel Ramirez (Medina).is facing his 24th birthday in detention in Washington state". Under the DACA program, Vargas had previously been granted temporary status and was awaiting re-approval when she was arrested.

Vargas arrived in the United States with her family when she was 7, and she was granted permission to live and work in the USA thanks to President Obama's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

Abby Peterson, a lawyer for Daniela Vargas, said in a statement Friday that Vargas will be released from a detention center in Louisiana, under an order of supervision. The subject of the conference was the arrest of Vargas and her brother on February 15 after ICE agents showed up at their MS home.

Her lawyers said Friday they believe she was detained by ICE as retribution for "speaking out" at the March 1 news conference.

Danielle says that her father has never been charged with a crime here in the U.S., her brother, just a shoplifting charge. She reapplied in February but her application was still pending when she was arrested. This is direct retaliation for her speaking out at the event.