Key Takeaways From Alphabet's Google Cloud Next Event


Google, at its Cloud Next conference in San Francisco, unveiled a new technology where it will use machine learning to identify objects in videos.

It was a natural fit for the company to build its new cloud environment around Google Cloud Platform, as it now uses a variety of Google services, Günther Oberhofer, head of networks and communications at Conrad Electronic SE, explains. The team from Mountain View has shared its Cloud Video Intelligence API, which can visually recognize specific search terms within videos.

Google now lags in the cloud market, with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft's Azure taking the lead with big customers, but the technology giant aims to change that through the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) which allows customers to leverage its machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities.

But if Google can find practical applications for whiz-bang features like the Video API demo it showed today, it might find itself allowed into the next soirée.

However, if a company needs a more unique solution, they would have to build a custom system using TensorFlow and the Cloud Machine Learning engine.

It also made a slew of announcements further strengthening its place as the leader in machine learning and artificial intelligence platforms.

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Kaggle was launched in 2010 and now has about half a million data scientists on its platform. While SAP already started integrating cloud technologies into its portfolio in recent years, its new partnership with Google will provide the company with a way to do so in a rapid manner.

"Google Cloud partners are essential to our commitment to help enterprises innovate faster, scale smarter and stay secure", said Bertrand Yansouni, vice president of global partner sales and strategic alliances and Google Cloud, in a blog post ahead of Google Cloud's Next conference. Google is widely considered the number three player in the cloud and a relative late-comer, trailing Amazon and Microsoft-a distant number two. Just imagine! Or, rather, just search for them.

The relationship addresses the upswing of public cloud solutions. Toward that end, they plan to launch a software development kit for programmers later this month.

"I think big data is so powerful that nation stats will fight over how much data matters", he told attendees.

First, they write that Google Cloud's (GCP) go-to-market strategy for customers focuses on cost savings, revenue generation, and business process improvement.

Meanwhile, Google will continue to be focusing on its Business Apps as a key selling point for the cloud.