TSA Implementing New Pat-Down Procedures Across The Nation


The agency says the new screening procedure is not expected to increase overall airport security delays though TSA pre-check passengers may also receive an enhanced pat-down. And while we can't tell you what those particular moves were-they're kept pretty tightly under wraps for security reasons-it doesn't matter much, anyway: Those options have since been replaced with one universal approach, enacted in all airports across the country.

The agency was vague on the details of what this new approach would entail, telling Bloomberg that the searches would be "more thorough and may involve an officer making more intimate contact than before".

According to the TSA, officers use the back of their hands for pat-downs over sensitive areas.

In the past, TSA employees had some leeway in what type of physical search they used on a passenger.

A 2015 Homeland Security study that found TSA officers failed to detect smuggled weapons in 67 out of 70 attempts, a 95 percent failure rate.

"This will not change the number of passengers who receive pat-down screenings", a TSA spokesman said.

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The next time you go through airport security, you may be getting felt up in an entirely different way by Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents if you decide to opt out of electronic screening and have to undergo the new full pat-down.

Passengers have the right to request a private pat-down screening and ask to be accompanied by a companion of their choice.

As if we needed another reason to hate the TSA. Even airline employees, who normally breeze through security as "known crewmembers", will face more random checks, according to the new directive.

"I think for me it's ok - just to make sure everyone stays safe", said traveler Emily Marucci.

But the agency does expect some passengers to consider the examination unusual. Pat downs over sensitive areas of the body. The agency said it doesn't track how many passengers are subject to pat-down searches.

Stratte-McClure, who told NBC News he had undergone "the most intriguing, intense and invasive pat down I've had by the TSA since they came into existence", also "doubted that the new pat-downs would be much more effective than the old ones, which he said didn't work in the first place".