Spielberg, Streep, Hanks mull Pentagon Papers flick


Fans of veteran Hollywood actors Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep can rejoice! Steven Spielberg seems ready to do that with his latest project, a drama about The Washington Post's involvement in the 1971 release of the Pentagon Papers. Streep has signed on to play WaPo publisher Kay Graham, and Hanks is on board as editor Ben Bradlee.

Spielberg will also produce with Amy Pascal and Kristie Macosko Krieger, with Rachel O'Connor, Adam Somner and Tim and Trevor White as executive producers, according to Deadline.

Spielberg, who like Streep has won three Oscars, is now in post-production on a sci-fi action movie, "Ready Player One", which is due to hit theaters in March 2018.

Streep was branded an "overrated actress" by U.S. President Donald Trump after she criticised him for belittling a disabled journalist at the Golden Globes in January. The study detailed secret military escalations during an unwinnable war, and was leaked despite government efforts to block coverage for reasons of national security.

Should a special prosecutor be appointed to investigate Trump-Russia ties?
All three men met with Mr Kislyak when they were campaigning on behalf of Mr Trump in the lead-up to last year's election. "Mr. Nevertheless, the poll finds Trump's approval ratings up one percentage point from January to 45 percent.

The Post started publishing excerpts of the Vietnam documents on June 18, 1971, a few days after a federal judge ordered the New York Times to stop printing the papers, which had been furnished by RAND Corporation analyst Daniel Ellsberg.

La La Land may have been pretty controversial when it was getting all of the Best Picture buzz leading up to the Academy Awards-and for the minute or so that it was the Best Picture winner-but nobody's going to have a hard time getting on board with future Academy Award favorite The Post.

The Post joined forces with the Times to fight the court battle, which climbed all the way to the Supreme Court.

Hanks, Streep and Spielberg boast a combined 9 Oscars between them.