University of Florida among Peace Corps' 2017 Top Volunteer-Producing Colleges & Universities


For returning Peace Corps volunteers, IU Bloomington offers both Peace Corps Master's global and Paul D. Coverdell Fellows graduate programs.

The Peace Corps Master's worldwide graduate programs, offered by SPEA and the IU School of Education, allow students to combine Peace Corps service with graduate studies for credit.

"With many questions out there right now about our role as Americans in the world, the Peace Corps seems to be a great landing place to practice humanitarianism and develop skills in community engagement that are readily transferrable upon return to the U.S. Really, it's a continuation of the values promoted here at Bowdoin on an worldwide level".

"Peace Corps service is an unparalleled leadership opportunity that enables college and university alumni to use the creative-thinking skills they developed in school to make an impact in communities around the world", Acting Peace Corps Director Sheila Crowley said.

Since the Peace Corps' founding in 1961, 1,497 UCD alumni have traveled overseas to serve as volunteers.

Peace Corps works with U-M to host two on-campus recruiters who share their personal experiences as volunteers and provide information about applying for service. Now there are 29 UVM alumni serving overseas.

People's Court judge Joseph Wapner dies at 97
In 1981, two years after retiring from his previous judicial position, Wapner found himself presiding over The People's Court. Wapner hosted The People's Court for 12 years, leaving the show in 1993 when it went on a four year hiatus.

Penn State has once again been recognized among the nation's top producers of Peace Corps volunteers.

Among medium-sized colleges, Western Washington University came in second with 48 volunteers. "I think that all of those experiences helped me solidify my efforts in service and environmental education that I have and will carry with me throughout my life", Sanchez said.

The rankings this year follow the launch of a new brand platform that a Peace Corps representative said "underscores the agency's commitment to putting the user experience first".

"The past seven months of serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Philippines has stretched me in ways one can't fully be prepared for", she said. CU Boulder also is among the top five volunteer-producing universities of all time with 2,468 alumni having served in the program since it was established in 1961. Complete 2017 rankings of the top 25 schools in each category are available here, as well as an interactive map that shows where alumni from each college and university now are serving. They are then able to contribute to communities in areas like agriculture, community economic development, education, environment, health and youth development.

Uwase now serves as an environment volunteer in the Philippines and focuses on human rights campaigns.

Linde's extension of the Wisconsin Idea came to pass when she went to a career fair and heard from other Peace Corps volunteers.