Dave Chappelle Netflix Specials Get A March Release Date


Netflix on Thursday uploaded a very short teaser to promote comedian Dave Chappelle's upcoming specials for the streaming service, his first in 12 years. He's reportedly making a whopping $60 million for all three installments. His Killing Them Softly special is still one of the best sets of all time, and his turn as host on Saturday Night Live last November proved he's definitely still got it after taking a bit of a sabbatical following The Chappelle Show.

Both of the two hour-long specials had been stored in Chappelle's "personal vault", according to a press release.

The teaser previews some of the topics the stand-up comedian covers, and it sounds like he'll touch on a range of issues.

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The first trailer for Chappelle's Netflix special just hit the web it sounds like it's going to be some of his best work yet. He mentions everything from Martin Luther King Jr.to O.J. Simpson, not to mention Bigfoot riding a unicorn. No word yet on when we'll see the third.

Chappelle earlier this year signed a deal with Netflix for three stand-up specials in total. So far, the premiere date hasn't been revealed. The specials, "Dave Chappelle: The age of Spin" and "Dave Chappelle: Deep in The Heart of Texas", are expected to debut March 21.