Mt Etna erupts in fiery show of lava


The Mount Etna volcano's altitude is 3,000 meters and it is the most active volcano in Europe with several eruptions each year.

At just under 11,000 feet, Etna is Europe's most active volcano. In late 2015, the most violent eruption in two decades spouted lava almost a mile high and sent ash some 10,000 feet into the sky.

Lava flows have often threatened the villages surrounding the crater.

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Italy's Mount Etna volcano has been providing residents and visitors with a spectacular view for the past three days during a volcanic eruption. The latest lava-spewing event began on Monday evening.

Giant fountains of lava could be seen sprouting from the volcano, located on the isle of Sicily, as far away as Catania, around 30 kilometres away, and the resort town of Taormina. Authorities reported no dangers to communities along the mountain's slopes, the Associated Press reported Tuesday. The port stayed open during and following the eruption, although officials made sure to follow along with the patterns of ash clouds, according to the Times of Malta. The volcano's first recorded observation was in 425 B.C.