Johnny Manziel Summoned to Dallas Court Again


It didn't happen, and instead, the former Heisman Trophy victor spent much of the summer partaking in non-football-related activities.

In December, Manziel agreed to terms with the court to have the charge dropped.

Former NFL quarterback Johnny Manziel, center, takes an elevator with his lawyer Jim Darnell, left, after a court hearing in Dallas, Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2017.

A Dallas County judge ordered Manziel to appear at the Frank Crowley Courts Building at 9 a.m. because he was "concerned progress was not being adequatley made on the terms of the dismissal agreement" in a domestic violence case against him.

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He signed an agreement in November to stay away from his ex-girlfriend after she accused him of assault.

Per the conditions of the dismissal agreement, Manziel could seek help from the National Football League for his drug and alcohol rehabilitation, but he reportedly told the judge he's avoided that avenue. "I would hate for you to miss on on the opportunity that you've got".

He acknowledged he needs to get his life in order, but said his life is trending upwards.

Late past year, Manziel's domestic violence case was dropped but he had to complete certain conditions, such as participating in an anger management class and take part in the NFL's policy and program for substance abuse or a rehabilitation program.