Dodge Challenger Demon Truth Remains Hidden


Dodge says the new video shows how the Demon's Drag Mode (details still to come), combined with its electronic and mechanical suspension tuning, takes Challenger SRT Hellcat performance to another level to maximize weight transfer and traction, "while still maintaining precision directional control". Dubbed "Third Law", the 20-second clip showcases the car's suspension system and ends with a photo of the Demon doing a massive burnout at the drag strip.

As many of us are aware, Dodge is resurrecting the Demon nameplate. In fact, the Dodge SRT Demon is slated to be the first production auto with a suspension designed specifically for drag racing. The result is that owners of the Demon will be able to launch their cars efficiently and in a more controllable manner.

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Thanks to the active Bilstein suspension, SRT can tune in both the physical and digital worlds by utilizing 35-percent lower rate front springs with 28-percent lower rears coupled with a 75-percent softer front bar and 44-percent softer rear bar. This is because Dodge designed the Challenger to be a ideal balance between a drag racer and a street vehicle. The American automaker announced today that the Demon is "made to absolutely dominate in Drag Mode".

The "old school" solution was pretty simple - get the quickest reacting springs upfront, the softest rebound front shocks that wouldn't restrict the springs' reaction, remove any restrictions (sway bar) and increase the compression of the rear shocks. Fast forward two weeks, and the latest Demon teaser is referencing Isaac Newton.