Two rockets fired from Egypt's Sinai explode in Israel's south


Two rockets launched from the Sinai peninsula have exploded in Eshkol city, southern Israel, on Monday.

The Iron Dome missile system was not fired and the Red Alert not sounded as the rockets landed harmlessly in a field and did not threaten populated areas, reported JTA.

The February launches were the first time since 2015 that rockets had been fired at Israel from Egypt.

An affiliate of the Islamic State, the Sinai Province group, claimed responsibility for a rocket attack on the southern Israeli resort city of Eilat earlier this month.

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The military says Israeli forces are searching the area following Monday's attack.

According to Israeli media, the sirens did not go off either. The report said the strike targeted a cell preparing to fire rockets at Israel.

The strike occurred on Saturday near the village of Shibana, near the town of Rafah in the northern Sinai and near the border with Israel, Amaq said. He noted, however, that unlike Hamas or Hezbollah, the terrorists in Sinai do not pose a significant threat to Israel's security.

"If you are talking about Hamas and Hezbollah then [IS's Sinai force] is not even a terror group", he told Army Radio, saying the group was comprised of "random [amateurs] who chose to build themselves an army".