Greg Maddux pranks Cubs MVP Kris Bryant in batting cage


Retired pitcher Greg Maddux agreed to suit up in a disguise to prank Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant as part of a Red Bull promo. Bryant actually talks about Vegas toward the start of the video, even mentioning Maddux, but that's not the good stuff.

With the Academy Awards less than two weeks away, Atlanta Braves Hall of Fame pitcher Greg Maddux is making a last-minute push for a nomination. Bryant chuckled dismissively when the "sound guy" was giving him tips from behind the batting cage.

Kris Bryant is one of the fastest rising stars in all of Major League Baseball and it's turns out he's an all around good guy too.

Hall of Famer Greg Maddux is now a college pitching coach at UNLV.

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Then the pitcher took a phone call and said he had to leave, so Maddux took over.

Maddux, dressed as a sound engineer during the video shoot, took over to throw batting practice to Bryant during the shoot.

Bryant and Red Bull had teamed up on a prank video last spring when they had Bryant pose as a hot-shot transfer for a junior college team.