Secretary DeVos Right Choice to Address Education 'Crisis'


Her highly controversial confirmation required Vice President Mike Pence to vote to break a tie in the divided Senate.

"If confirmed, I will be a strong advocate for great public schools", DeVos said during her confirmation hearing last month.

Many South Dakota educators either opposed or expressed serious concerns about Betsy Devos and the harm she will do to public education in the United States.

"What this could mean for Virginia is that we will see even more efforts by some of my Republican colleagues to push for vouchers and tax credits that favor private, religious and charter schools over the public system", he said.

On Friday, a small group of protesters attempted to block DeVos from entering a Washington, D.C. school. Four times elected as chairperson of the Michigan Republican Party, DeVos has also donated to the campaigns of many Republican senators-senators who voted in favor of her position in the cabinet. She faced fierce opposition during the confirmation process from teachers unions who fear that she intends to defund traditional public schools. This was after DeVos claimed "confusion" to Senator Tim Kaine about the federal Individuals With Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

Charter schools differ from public schools because they receive public funding from the state, but are privately run. She supports whatever type of education a community thinks is best for its students!

Julia Strickland, a freshman and comprehensive special education major, and April Prather, a sophomore and interdisciplinary studies major, weighed in on the historically divisive nomination.

Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo sworn in as Somali president
Fears are high that the Al-Qaeda linked Shabaab group will seek to disrupt the election by carrying out an attack on the capital. The 275 Somali MPs and 72 senators are electing this Wednesday a new president after several postponements since past year .

There are still a lot of questions involving her perspective on higher education.

The US Department of Education has been left embarrassed after publishing not one, but two spelling mistakes on its Twitter page.

Barrera withdrew his support for the resolution, however, after the teachers' union and some parents and "community partners" objected, says the news report. Public and private school teachers are valuable.

For decades some of our public schools have bordered on useless, but they still exist. After school activities like theater, music, art - that's always the first to go.

The federal government has long held power over schools, Seebeck said, by providing them with the funds they need so long as they follow federal rules that not every educator has found productive. I am disappointed by the Senate's confirmation of Secretary DeVos. However, unlike public schools, charter schools accept public money without the same oversight as public schools. "Specifically, when that money gets diverted and students are excluded, you end up with schools that have more poverty, disabilities and English language learners". It hurts the poorest kids the most.

Despite his worries about her qualifications and beliefs, Reed stated that DeVos can only create so much change for the teachers and students. The Education Committee is really disappointed in this appointment.

During the meeting, Trump said he wants to know what's going on with the "tremendous amount of increase" in autism rates.