Pokemon GO Adds 80 Johto Pokemon, New Evolutions This Week


Now, some seven months and 650 million downloads later, the game is getting what's arguably its first major update later this week.

To begin with, the new species that we can get in this update come from Johto, the region to explore in the second generation of the saga, "Pokémon Gold" and "Pokémon Silver". Unlike the handful of Johto Pokémon that were added in December who could only be obtained using eggs, these will be found in the wild. The Nanab Berry will slow Pokemon down, so they're less likely to run away while you're attempting to catch them, while the Pinap Berry lets players collect twice as much candy when they do catch a Pokemon during an encounter.

You are logged out. However, now, the full list of those Pokemon, which includes 80 creatures, are set to be included in the game.

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Watch a new trailer showing the new Pokemon and features below.

If you want more details, hit the source link to read about all the new additions. It'll mark the biggest update since the launch of Pokemon Go that should further boost the game's popularity. You'll need to enable to the Pinap berries before you go on to catch a new Pokemon, and they'll only work for one Pokemon. Niantic says its update will introduce new opportunities to evolve Pokemon. Finally, the update will introduce new avatars and an expanded wardrobe with a whole new selection of hats, shirts, pants, and other items. It appears that Pokemon will have some extra behaviors we haven't seen before, but Niantic failed to specify what exactly. We also don't have a specific release date for the new features, beyond "later this week".