Sears, Kmart drop Trump products, say they aren't profitable


"As part of the company's initiative to optimize its online product assortment, we constantly refine that assortment to focus on our most profitable items".

The decision follows retailer Nordstrom Incorporated's announcement this week it had chose to stop carrying Ivanka Trump's apparel because of declining sales.

After Nordstrom announced that it would be dropping Trump's products, President Donald Trump tweeted that the company had treated his daughter so unfairly.

The Trump Home collection includes lines of furniture, bedding and lighting, often from makers that supply Trump hotels, according to the collection's website. The companies only offer Trump Home online, and a spokesman for the struggling corporation said they would instead concentrate on the most profitable items. Sears Holding Corp., which owns both Sears and Kmart, noted the items weren't selling well, which ultimately factored into its decision, ABC News reported.

Neither Kmart nor Sears carried Trump Home in their brick-and-mortar locations.

Unlike Nordstrom, Sears Holdings didn't say explicitly whether the decision had to do with a lack of customer interest in Trump-branded products.

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The tweet did not affect Nordstrom's stock price and it closed at a higher price.

Other stores have also sought to distance themselves from Ivanka Trump's brand.

Disciplinary action may be taken against Senior White House adviser Kellyanne Conway, who is accused of violating ethics rules in what she called "a free commercial".

Boycotts of Trump-branded goods have surfaced in the form of the Grab Your Wallet campaign and criticism online.

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