Nintendo's next big smartphone game is coming to Android first, iPhone later


Fire Emblem Heroes is hosting a Choose Your Legends event that will let fans like you vote on which characters will be in the upcoming mobile game as event characters. In practice, that translates to short bursts of action, touch-based gesture controls, and "bite-sized" maps that can fit on your smartphone screen. However, orbs come in a variety of different colors, and no matter whether you opt to amass them through playing or paying, the colors you receive will always be random.

So what did you think of all these titles? The most popular hero and heroine from the vote will be added to the game at a later date. Like its other mobile games, it might become available first on iOS before landing on Android. No word on a price or whether the amiibo will be available separately just yet.

Fire Emblem Heroes is an original strategy RPG about two warring kingdoms in a bitter clash. Based on the Japanese-only title Fire Emblem Gaiden that originally released for the NES in 1992, Shadows of Valentia is being completely reworked to bring this gaming classic into the modern age. One of them, however, isn't exactly new. The game launches 19th May, price still to be announced.

Not much is known about the game right now, and indeed its initial reveal for the Nintendo Switch on Friday 13th January consisted of little more than a vague CG trailer.

Nintendo launches its next adventure when Fire Emblem Heroes arrives soon on mobile.

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Furthermore, Fire Emblem will return to home consoles next year as a title will make it to the Switch.

Its release will be the inverse of Super Mario Run, with the game launching on Android first.

We got a better look at Fire Emblem Warriors, the Fire Emblem/Dynasty Warriors mashup for Nintendo Switch.

The fact that "Fire Emblem Heroes" is free-to-play might be encouraging to Wall Street investors, who were disappointed in the apparent difficulty that "Super Mario Run" has had in generating recurring revenue - players buy all the levels once for $9.99, with no other opportunities for ongoing revenue.