Rick Perry says he regrets vow to abolish Energy Department


Six years ago, Rick Perry made embarrassing headlines when he could not remember the name of the federal agency he wanted to scrap.

When Mr. Trump nominated the former governor of Texas in December, The Christian Science Monitor reported that "a considerable amount of Perry's wealth" has come from energy.

Perry has since claimed that it wasn't the Department of Energy that he couldn't recall. Within days, however, he learned that his chief responsibilities as energy secretary would be maintaining almost 1,400 nuclear inventories, including several thousand active nuclear warheads, at a time when Russian Federation and China are modernizing their nuclear capabilities and North Korea is working to ideal its own. Citing press reports that Trump's internal team wants deeps cuts to the department - including eliminating its Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy - Sen. Hey, it's a start. We didn't know everything that it entailed.

Former Texas governor Rick Perry says that he will defend scientists at the US Department of Energy (DOE) if confirmed as its next leader.

He believes in climate change.

Mr Perry is now back as Donald Trump's nominee to head that very same department.

There are also likely to be flashpoint regarding climate change.

"I believe some of it is naturally occurring, but some of it is caused by manmade activity", Perry said.

In a book Perry authored in 2010 entitled Fed Up!

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Government funding of research produces enormous financial incentives for scientists to engage in dubious laboratory research.

"I believe the climate is changing", Perry said. "Instead I'm a what we need is a good manager", in reference to Perry's background.

He added: "I have a history of working with people to deal with the challenges that face us".

The current secretary of energy, Ernest J. Moniz, chaired M.I.T's physics department and the guy before him, Steven Chu, is a Nobel Prize-winning physicist. Perry told the committee he now "regrets" that idea. The headline and top of the story "don't really reflect what I said", McKenna told the conservative outlet.

He's a proponent of nuclear nonproliferation - unlike (maybe?) Trump.

"I am going to protect all of the science", Perry replied. " But Trump veered from that stance himself in recent weeks, particularly when it came to his newfound friends in Russian Federation".

And the future of America's nuclear security will depend on him.

Perry, who was introduced by Texas Republican Sen. That memo inquired about ways the Energy Department could keep aging nuclear reactors online. Despite the high stakes issue and vagueness of Perry's answer, Heinrich, at least, appeared mollified by the exchange.

In a confirmation hearing, Sen. Perry was laughing so hard he turned away from the cameras for a moment.