Vikrant proposes Monalisa, couple to have grand wedding inside Bigg Boss house


After the postman nomination task yesterday there is celebration in the Bigg Boss house.

But meanwhile it looks like Manu and Vikrant are still not in great terms. Monalisa revealed her plans of visiting her mother along with her boyfriend.

In the evening, a haldi ceremony was held, where the contestants put haldi on Monalisa and Vikrant. When they both step inside the house, Bigg Boss makes an official announcement about Mona and Vikrant getting married in the house and that the contestants will have to take all the responsibilities as her fellow inmates. Both hugged each other and she asked the goal of his visit. Bigg Boss provided all the things required for the Haldi ceremony and asked the housemates to perform the rituals. To her surprise, Vikrant proposed to her for marriage, to which Monalisa replied in affirmation. One housemate will lift the item with his mouth and pass it on the next housemate in the same manner. She entered the activity area and saw her boyfriend Vikrant Singh Rajput there. Bigg Boss further calls the sanchalaks Manveer and Rohan in the confession room and gives them a piece of his mind for being extremely irresponsible and for not stopping Lopa from reading the letter.After the first buzzer rings, Mona volunteers to go first and delivers Manu's parcel. They also dance on Navrai Majhi (fromEnglishVinglish) and rejoice.

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The Bigg Boss house is all set to host a wedding inside its premises for the second time in 10 seasons.

So, as per the task, Bani is at the start of the chain and Mona, at the other end, has to successfully drop it on another table. Well, because she has been asked to stand next to Bani.

But we can only wait to witness their marriage ceremony that will take place tomorrow in the Bigg Boss house. On the other hand, Manu tags Vikrant as "rapid fire" who doesn't allow anyone else to talk in front of him.