'American Horror Story: Roanoke' episode 3 preview: The nightmare lives on


We don't know who the priestess is or who those people are, but the priestess seems very connected to the natural world. We have questions about the structure of this season and are wondering where some of our AHS favorites are in this year's story.

The latest AHS fan theory blowing my mind has to do with Kathy Bates' character. But the real story is whether or not Lady Gaga's character has been revealed, and what the heck is going on with the Pig Man. Shelby calls him and smooths things over with him.

A big plot device in "Chapter 2" is Lee's daughter visiting the house to spend time with her estranged mother. With that said, though, the reminder that the scenes with Sarah Paulson are a "dramatic reenactment" takes you a bit further out of the story, because it's clear that "real-life" Shelby, Matt, and Lee are perfectly fine. They instantly become targets for the locals who attack Shelby while Matt is away on a work trip.

Pig Headed: The episode picks up right where the premiere left off with Shelby in the woods. There is static and a woman saying she is hurt and needs help.

Meanwhile, one night, Matt wakes to find two women killing an elderly woman. Picking their victims based on the letters of their first names, the nurses proceeded to spell out the word "MURDER" with each kill. In addition, Lee's daughter quickly forms a connection with a spirit of the house, so we gain an even stronger foothold in the (potentially) paranormal aspect of the story. Lee thinks Flora's just making thing up and acting out because of the divorce, but she soon realizes that's not the case. The scares started with Flora disappearing into a closet with her new invisible friend, Priscilla - and emerging to inform Lee and her ex-husband (Charles Malik Whitfield) that Priscilla meant to kill everyone in the house.

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To recap: More pigs died, two killer nurses and Flora are missing, and still no sign of Evan Peters. Matt and Shelby find her in the kitchen and the kitchen knives are stuck in the ceiling. After a big city scare, The Millers retreat to Matt's home state, and buy a huge colonial in Roanoke, NC. There's a decapitated pig's head on a stick that's on fire.

Shelby sees this and is terrified. They decide to find her, but in her place, they find the entrance to an old cellar, which they explore. In both seasons we have a couple who moved across the country after experiencing a miscarriage and moved into a haunted house. "MURDE" apparently shows through paint and once Matt takes down the wallpaper in the room the nurses were in they see the word.

Then there's the whole trope where the couple, after learning they can't get rid of the house, still stay in the house. I don't even want to eat bacon for a while. Later, Lee falls off her wagon because she can not see Flora. As Lee, Shelby, and Matt were talking about Lee's husband, Flora followed Pricilla.

Time to bring in the little girl ghost.