Obama touts U.S. military aid in meeting with Netanyahu


US President Barak Obama on Wednesday said that the idea of a secure Israel alongside a Palestinian state must 'be kept alive, ' as he met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in NY on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly.

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Relations between Netanyahu and the Obama White House have been strained over the Iran nuclear deal, among other issues; the disagreements came to a head previous year at the United Nations when Netanyahu invoked the Holocaust during his address to the General Assembly, dramatically inveighing against the "silence" of the worldwide community, including Obama, in confronting Iran.

It is worth to note that Obama made a move earlier this month to reassure the U.S. -Israel alliance by funding the nation $38 billion and completing a long-term security aid package pledged to the United States ally.

"We'll set up a tee time", replied Mr. Obama, in what appeared to be a mere pleasantry.

Powell discussed Israel's nuclear capacity in leaked emails
Kirby refused to address the question, saying he would not "speak to this particular traffic" and "intelligence matters". Powell complained about the level of intolerance in parts of the Republican Party in an email entitled racism.

Netanyahu talked of Palestinian extremism as the biggest obstacle to peace, one that he said threatens the existence of Israel and the security of the Jewish people.

Obama made reference to a $38 billion military assistance agreement signed by the two allies on September 14. "It's a very hard and unsafe time in the Middle East".

The Israeli authorities on Wednesday barred members of Palestine's national beach soccer team from travelling overseas to take part in the Fifth Asian Beach Games in Danang, Vietnam, according to a Palestinian athletic official. Israel has blamed the violence on what it says is incitement by Palestinian leaders - a claim the Palestinians reject. "I'm sure President Obama will do so tomorrow as well". He also raised USA concerns about Israeli settlements, a sore spot between the two leaders.

According media reports Netanyahu pushed back on this. One thing I can say about Prime Minister Netanyahu is he has always been candid with us, and his team has cooperated very effectively with ours. The U.N., dominated by developing countries, has traditionally sympathized with the Palestinians, and even Israel's closest allies have largely blamed Netanyahu for the standstill in peace efforts. The memo of understanding, he said, is indicative of that. "This is something he should have done at the start of his time in office and not at the end", she said.

Washington, meanwhile, has criticised Israel's ongoing and accelerating building of settler homes on occupied Palestinian land, arguing that this could put hopes of a negotiated settlement to the dispute beyond reach. "But Israel must recognize that it can not permanently occupy and settle Palestinian land". "Of course, if Trump wins, there will be a level of unpredictability that could create its own complications".