Google Allo Challenges Latest iOS 10 iMessage Features


The notification lets you respond through text along (as opposed to stickers, photos or anything like that), or alternatively ignore it altogether. Or, that moment when you want to get answers to some out-of-the-box questions, or want to plan an outing with friends to the new cafe in town? So far, the Smart Reply and Google Assistant functionality are only available in English, but Google promises more languages are coming soon.

Here, using Smart Reply, Google gives you options to your answers without needing you to type or think them!

Only time will tell whether Duo and Allo can compete with all the other messaging platforms, but Google has high hopes for these apps.

It works by continuously watching what users say and the data collected is stored for later analysis which is used to improve the app. Google had initially indicated that Allo's chats would only be stored on its servers temporarily. Like rival apps, it has tools for personalizing chat messages including changing the size of emojis and a choice of stickers. Messages sent and received using this mode will have end-to-end encryption and additional privacy features such as discreet notifications and message expiration.

At the time of its announcement, earlier this year, Google stretched that Allo will be focusing on new privacy features that would store messages only transiently and not indefinitely. The first release looks like a messenger app because it is a common user interface (UI) that nearly all smartphone users know, and it is conversational.

Google Allo has also taken security into account - all chats are encrypted so your information is secure.

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Apple users and non-users were impressed with what iMessage can do now after the iOS 10 update. It does as a part of the app and in the phone UI. And having the suggestions appear in oval bubbles in the chat can make it seem as though a stranger has joined the chat (though you can shut out Google by enabling incognito mode).

Core chat features are much like other apps.

In the Google Allo world, all of your conversations are open to Google from the get go-there is no end-to-end encryption enabled by default.

For instance, if a friend asks you when your flight leaves, Allo won't try to suggest a reply, even though Google has your calendar.

One problem with both of these apps is that your friends need to be using the same app to see the desired effect.

Google has clearly mentioned that the app keeps a log on its servers of information that a user shares on the app only till a user leaves it up on the app. You can still link your phone number with your current Google ID.